Wolfcom Management Software

WOLFCOM Digital Evidence Management for Law Enforcement

The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution is a robust and flexible digital evidence management solution that can manage your video assets, photos, audio files, and documents. A user, with proper rights and privileges, will be able to tag, view, verify integrity of the asset, generate an audit trail report, and automatically purge the files based on the department’s retention policies.

Have just one system to manage all your digital evidence.

The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution is designed to manage all your department’s digital evidence from body camera videos, digital pictures, in-car videos, surveillance camera videos, documents, audio recordings and other standard media files.  This allows officers the ability to quickly find and view digital evidence.  WOLFCOM knows that no two agencies are exactly alike.  Our approach is to identify your unique challenges and develop a solution that addresses and solves problems for your department.

WEMS-Dashboard-screen shot

Universal Dashboard

Having a simple Widget Application Dashboard makes use of the software easy and familiar.  Because it is a recognizable platform, there will be no learning curve for Admins and Users.


Finding a file is quick and easy.

The intuitive user interface is officer-friendly and simple to use. Thumbnail file preview allows you to see thumbnails of picture or preview a video to make sure you have the correct file. Having all your information easily accessible in one place allows officers to spend more time fighting crime and less time wrestling with digital files. All metadata from a file is searchable by date, times, location, camera, officer, room numbers and much more. Evidence can be viewed from any department computer on the network. Wolfcom can provide either a web-based of a client/server based solution, based on your department’s preference.


WEMS-All Files-screen shot



Evidence is organized by Case Number.

Law Enforcement activities are categorized by a Case Number or similar identifier; this allows the officers to organize all digital evidence from that case to a specific Case Number.  So when they pull up a case, they can view all the digital evidence affiliated with that case.

WEMS-Log in-screen shot

Define access levels to evidence.

The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution allows each department to dictate what evidence can be viewed by each user.  Groups and Organizations are configured to align with the policies of your department.  This will all be customizable.


Always protect your chain of custody.

All activity is logged by the system.  An audit trail report displays who, what, when and where files have been accessed.  With this system, you will not lose a case because a break in chain of custody.


File Authentication

Once a file is ingested into the WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution, the files will be stamped with a SHA2 256-bit Hash.  This will assure the files will be authentic and admissible in court.


Configure file retention periods.

Only store critical information and automatically delete evidence once expired.  The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution allows evidence to be purged from the system based upon configured retention periods or by an authorized user.  Schedule retention period by evidence type or by crime type.

 WEMS-Video-GPS-screen shot

GPS GeoTagging Map can be viewed on software.

Since the GPS coordinated are stamped onto every video and picture file, frame by frame and picture by picture. When reviewing videos on the WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution, you will be able to see the route of the video simultaneously on the map next to the video and as the video moves so does the dot on the map. This is valuable when reviewing video of a foot or car chase as you’ll be able to see the exact route taken as footage of the chase unfolds before you.



Maximize your storage investment.

Most system treat all digital evidence the same.  They maintain it all on the same storage for the same length of time.  The Wolfcom Evidence Management Solution allows you to catalog your digital evidence based on its importance.  You can store evidence in either a centralized location or distributed locations, based on your preference.  Digital evidence is deleted when the associated time period is expired.


Web-Based Solution

Being web-based, allows for fast and painless installation and implementation.  Installation only needs to be done on the Server and all workstation will be able to connect automatically.  Software updates will only need to be done on the Server.  No more having to update each and every workstation.




  • Advanced Video Management Tools
    • Enhanced crop and save of video segments to new file without damaging original video file
  • Comprehensive control of system rights and user permissions
  • Enhanced group/user permissions
  • Tag and add event notes to files – searchable
  • Attachments no longer restricted to just videos and images. Attach non media files, videos and images
  • Utilized Microsoft® Windows Server and SQL Server
  • All user activities are logged allowing for Chain of Custody
  • Retention Policy Settings
    • User configurable for automated archiving and deletion of media
    • Set time to move files from storage to retention and purge from system (logged)
  • Incident Set Management
    • Assign user defined classifications to all files
    • All files associated with original owner (officer)
    • Comprehensive search capability
      • By Date/Time
      • By File Type
      • By Classifications
      • By Set Name
    • Add unlimited notes to any file type
    • Add pictures or videos from other sources
    • Scan multipage documents as PDF directly
  • Unlimited User accounts (license based on per camera and not per workstation or user)
  • Chain of Custody
    • Activity Report
  • Coming with the next Service Release
    • Hybrid Cloud Deployment Support (Windows® app with Cloud Services)
    • Full Cloud Deployment Support (HTML5 based)


Specifications (Server) Specifications (Client)
Server Requirements: Client Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 2008/2012 R2 with SQL Server (optional: PostgreSQL)

CPU / Memory: Minimum 2.4GHz DC / 8GB RAM

Hard Drive: Minimum 200GB

Video/image Storage: Large DAS or NAS Storage (use Wolfcom calculator to estimate size of storage)

Graphics: VGA Adapter

Network: Dual 1GbE NIC (Team)

Display: Minimum 1024×768 Resolution Monitor

USB Ports: N/A

Application Size: Less than 100MB

Net Runtime: Latest version of 4x



Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (pro or above)

CPU / Memory: Minimum 2.4GHz DC / 4GB RAM

Hard Drive: Minimum 200GB

Video/image Storage: Recommend 500GB 7.2K RPM Drive

Graphics: Intel HD 4000, NVidia or AMD GPU adapter

Network: 1GbE

Display: 20″ 1080P Monitor (1920×1200 recommended)

USB Ports: Multiple ports

Application Size: Less than 50MB

Net Runtime: Latest version of 4x

Optional: DVD writer (dual-layer/Blu-ray burners supported) Internet

Network Requirements: Web-based:
Wolfcom MS requires certain ports on your firewall are open. The following ports are required to be open on the server. Firewall must allow SQL Server and file sharing traffic. Browser

– Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

– Firefox 4 or later

– Chrome

– Microsoft Edge

Media Players

– Apple QuickTime 7 or later

– Flash 10